About Us

Markiverse Digital School is a new school of thought that focuses on learning new digital skills, igniting mindsets and developing digital acumen.

Unlike other digital marketing institutes, Markiverse focuses on overall development in digital marketing – not just imparting digital marketing tools. Besides mastering digital marketing tools, you need to be a master in giving headlines, editing a copy and understanding design essentials to stand ahead in the race for a high-paying digital marketer job. The core team of Markiverse Digital School has worked for companies like Tech Mahindra, SAP India, Wipro and many other MNCs. So we exactly know how big and small companies work and what digital marketing skills they often look for. Our promise to budding digital marketers is that we will train you in every skill that is required by a company. Therefore, our course is very different from others in the market, because our objective is to make you a PRO in digital marketing and give you the best that will help you get a right job.

Besides training, we will ensure that you work on a few practical projects as well. This will surely give you an edge over others. We tend to balance both theory and practical so that what you understand in the class, you actually implement on social platforms.


Subhash Desai

Chief Evangelist

Hari Kandimalla

Chief Operating Evangelist



Deepak Ubale