Amazon takes a step ahead for Better User Experience! Ban ‘Incentivised’ Reviews!!



8 among 10 of your new visiting customers trust you on your Customer Reviews, which play the crucial role for your service or product performance. It’s steadily increasing. So, how the customer reviews play a vital  role?

Over the past one year, the e-commerce giant, Amazon has offered improved review ratings from customers introducing the machine learned algorithm, to update more helpful and genuine reviews of the User Experience with the product and the services.
They’ve introduced “Incentivised Reviews” program, to boost the customer reviews and help protect the Sellers.

What is Incentivised Reviews?

Incentivised Reviews, are the reviews posted by customer in exchange for a free or discounted product. Incentive Reviews make up only a tiny fraction of the millions of reviews on Amazon, when done carefully. So, to improve the Quality of Reviews and to enhance the User Experience in a genuine way for additional benefits of its sellers, Amazon has Banned the Incentivised Reviews.

Amazon has updated its Community Guidelines to ban the incentive reviews.

How will customers give reviews?
Customers can review Amazon sellers through the Amazon Vine Program. Amazon Vine Program has been active since several years, facilitating the quality reviews for sellers, happy with feedback from customers and vendors.

How Vine works?
Amazon, excluding its vendors or sellers identifies and invites trusted and helpful genuine reviewers to post opinions on new and pre-released products on Amazon without incentivizing any review. The focus is deviated from the attempt of quantitative content reviews and is limited the total number of Vine reviews for each of the product.

Vine reviews are pretty helpful for the new sellers! These Vine reviews focus to engage in reviewing the new-released products to drive enough sales for the increase in organic reviews.”

These Vine reviews are exemption for the ‘Books’ categories. Kudos! Review the books even more!!!

More changes and details are yet to come, as these vary for each of the product category.

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