UX Design Training in Hyderabad

A Brief about Branding & UX

Website design has a huge impact on the visitors. The toughest part is making the navigation simple and easy. Do you know the site speed is directly linked to UX? If you are creating a stellar website with all the designs, the chances are that it would bring down the usability of the site. So you should exactly know how you should play with the images and other elements that will drive traffic and create a seamless experience for your visitors.

After all what is the use of a stellar or a flashy website when it is not really providing any user experience. Today, UX is the buzz among the top management of every company, especially in B2C websites where there is heavy traffic coming in every single day. Look at Flipkart or LimeRoad – would you login to the site if it is not intuitive? You won’t, and nobody will.

UX has a certain set of rules to follow. Therefore, Digital Marketer needs to know and understand every bit of those rules because even if his SEO activity is directly dependent on creating the experience that visitors would long for. What is the use of getting all the traffic, when the UX is horrible?

At Markiverse Digital School, we will teach you how to pick, select and modify conceptual and meaningful images that will leave a positive impression with the visitors and in a way that the images don’t pull the site down. We will also guide you with the multiple ways to increase the user experience and help drive traffic with respect to the overall experience of visitors.

Understanding the visual elements is the key for making a positive impact on your visitors. Prominently, you will learn how to create images that will evoke emotions in the users. Provoking the right emotion is the only way to make them act. So, it is important for your website to design accordingly. You will learn all these, in our 360 Degree Marketing Course.


  • Stronger visible identity for your business reflecting tone of your Brand
  • Convert more people than planned.
  • Deliver message in an effective way
  • Improve brand market position among your competitors
  • Develop your product or service with ease using dedicated design.

How It Works

Design is the art with purpose. Design with creative and systematic approach to achieve goals is the key to successful Designing. When it comes to Digital Marketing domain, you need to decide a theme, a color and a word which is supposed to reflect the tone of your brand. When you consider below example, it shows that this Design is focused.
For Example, in the above message, we see that a single message is delivered by ad. So you’re promoting your ad in a single go, at what you’re best to deliver. So, likewise we have multiple aspects of designing to establish the Design that reflects your brand.


  • Defining Designing and Usability
  • Role of Designing in Digital Marketing
  • Importance of Responsive Design
  • Design Usability
  • Image Quality and Customization
  • User-Friendly Template Design Resources
  • Menus
  • Landing Pages
  • Guidelines to Navigation
  • Designing Posts
  • How to use Online Resource Design Tools efficiently
  • Importance of doing conversation research
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What is the future of UX Design?

UX design industry is growing rapidly; designers are making sure that they create product that is easy to use. With widening horizon, user experience is refined consistently. It comes to the aspects of Design, Branding,Scaling, Maintanence, Fine detailing, Lasting Designs, creating enduring designs, Creating user-centric designs, Storytelling when needed.

What are the responsibilities of UX Designer?

  • UX designer, at the higher end, needs to associate with UX Architech and UX Analyst. So, a UX designer is expected to be jack of all trades when working at small or medium level companies·
  • Analyse, manage the Structure and flow of the website.
  • Redesigning the website
  • Creating site maps, concept maps
  • User case diagrams, case workflow diagrams,
  • Rapid Prototyping techniques using tools such as Axure, Balsamiq, SketchFlow,
  • MockingBird, Visio, Omnigraffle, Keynotopia
  • Interactive Design Sharing and Collaboration Tools such as InVisionApp and BaseCamp
  • Creating High Fidelity Mockup Design using Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch App Conducting Client Presentations using Keynote and PowerPoint Presentation tools.
  • Creating Graphic/Print Designs for Media and Marketing
  • Layout designing using InDesign
  • Updating the existing website via FTP
  • Develop and modify UI elements on Dreamweaver
  • Typography, logo creation.

Will I earn Money through these tools?

There are the possibilities to earn, as designing itself, is a huge platform. You can start from showcasing your designs to social media platforms like graphicriver or iconscout or canva.

Is any reference material provided end of the course?

Yes, we provide soft copy

Am I able to create and post an image after learning course?

Yes, You can create and post.

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