Copywriting for Digital Marketing

A Brief about Copywriting

Online copywriting is different from regular copywriting? But the question is can anyone become a copywriter? The answer is resounding YES – only if you apply some principles. Just like Physics has some principles, copywriting also has some principles. Before you set out to write a copy, you should know the basic building blocks. At Markiverse School of Digital Marketing, we ensure that a student not only learns Digital Marketing but also starts writing correct English.

Copywriting is all about understanding 5W’s and 1 H. 5Ws stand for What, Where, Who, Why, When and H stands for How. If you exactly know where to fit what, you are through. For starters, it is important to understand the individual pieces of 5W’s and 1H. Once you understand in entirety, then you can construct any sentence/structure freely.


  • Despite of copywriting being the modern buzzword, the potential of blogging is ignored.Maintain Originality.
  • Freeze the right words to sell your message.
  • Blogging is extremely powerful marketing tool with cost-effective tactics.
  • Achieving the Goals set by streamlining the strategy.
  • Catapult your audience with your storytelling blog.
  • Splash the content copy, in succinct, informative and engaging way.
  • Understand how blogging works so as to analyse what your audience need and when.
  • Generate the social traffic shares and backlinks to attract the Google bots.

Why Copywriting

  • Copywriting is a core part of any social media marketing. Without an attractive copy, any social media tactic will fall flat. Copywriting is an art that can be developed with discipline and practice. Any digital marketer should know how to write an attractive heading with captivating description and building excitement and emotion through the copy. For example: let’s assume that you are launching a new product and want to create a buzz on social media channels. How do you do it? What kind of heading you want to write? Is it a ‘How-to’ heading or ’Tips to…’ heading or ’10 ways to…’ heading. Your copy should attract the attention of the audience you want to target. Copy writing is not just about giving heading, but it is the ability to convey a compelling story in fewer words and sentences.


Attention Grabbers

  • 50 techniques of writing a good headline
  • 50 powerful words you can use
  • 25 Phrasal Verbs you must know
  • 5 techniques of writing an introduction

Promotions & offers

  • 10 ways to create brilliant promotional offers?
  • 7 ways to promote your digital copy

Best practices

  • Business vocabulary
  • Sentences & paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Bold & lists
  • Links
  • Concision
  • Active voice
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What is the future of Copywriting?

The copywriting trend is just picking up along with the wave of digital marketing. Copywriting is a tool every marketer should know and apply in a day-to-day job. Without copywriting, digital marketing is not going be as effective as it should be. International clients prefer digital marketers who have a grip over the language and control over the nuances of targeting right audience. Copywriting helps digital marketers a long way. A good copywriter along with digital marketing skills will stand to gain at least 2X of salary. Therefore, it is important that if you are looking for a good income and salary, you ought to know the techniques of writing.

What is the difference between copywriting and content marketing?

  • Copywriting is part of content marketing, which in essence encapsulates everything that you want to market through relevant and valuable content. The key is ‘relevant’ and ‘valuable’ — in the absence of the two, there is no content marketing. Copywriting is the craft in which content marketing flourishes. Copywriting is a tool — the techniques of which are used in building content marketing. If you know how to write a copy, you can be a great content marketer. There is no use of learning content marketing without first understanding and mastering copywriting

What copywriting is important for a digital marketer?

  • The answer to this question is already given under ‘why copywriting’, but to underscore the point again, a digital marketer could be the only person in the entire organisation whose role cuts across units, functions, geographical locations, etc. A digital marketer is expected to know how customers think, how markets are behaving and what messages he/she needs to send out to ensure they stand out in the fierce competition. Most of the times a digital marketer is expected to write messages on behalf of a CEO or a CTO or any CXO for that matter. Therefore, it becomes very important for the digital marketer to improve the craft of writing.

Is any reference material provided end of the course?

Yes, we will provide the reference material at the end of the course. We will also provide various tools and easy to navigate platforms for you to practice copywriting.

Will I have chance to start as a freelancer through Copywriting?

It depends to get paid when you write. When it comes to copywriting, it is not content marketing. We can guide you with our Bonus sessions to accomplish as a freelance Copywriter to tap the best writing for the subjects you're knowledgeable of. You need to accomplish your assignments,understand the analytics for every copy you're writing.

I am not good at English writing. Will I get to learn the basics?

  • We will start from the basics which means you will get to learn the mechanics of writing before you start applying the techniques of writing heading and body text. You need not be good at grammar or you need to have a flair for writing. We will help you develop the flair and style which will make you a better and sought-after digital marketer.

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