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A Brief about Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of influencing and controlling the reputation of your brand online. You need to brand yourself. HRs look for your social media profiles and google+ presence during the hiring process . You need to keep positive reputation online. We will train you about the tactics of how to improve your profiles to promote yourself in positive aspect and how to manage your negative content.

We will train you ORM in two aspects. One being, how you can create or manage ORM for existing and start up brands. Second being the tactics to put in to get hired along with the integration of other digital marketing strategies.


  • Improve Brand reputation to engage more with people around!
  • Tools for Online Reputation Management
  • Suppress the negative results
  • Integrate the offline and online reputation with regular activities
  • Factors pertaining to boost ORM and Online presence effectively.
  • Learn the tactics to manage every type of negative and positive results, to maintain the Brand reputation.
  • Receiving the results of high engagement of the candidate with ORM.

How It Works

ORM means Online Reputation Management. The process of monitoring and controlling what shows up on search engines. First google yourself without login. Diagnosis which category are you at then Make your website optimized thourgh Search engine optmization. Its good to maintain online reputation of the brand on SERP results because reputation management expert focuses on pushing down negative comment or reviews from SERP. One bad review makes you down and can damage your reputation for the other customers.


  • What is Online Reputation Management?
  • What exactly does ORM specialist do?
  • Reputation surveys
  • Reputation marketing
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Do I need ORM?

It depends, When someone gives a review/comment/message/ anything regarding you, you need to check and respond based on whether it is a bad review/ postivie review. You should give them in a positive way, so the chances are high to replace their old reviews.

What are the job opportunities in ORM?

There are no job opportunites for ORM. But, If you have a brand or product then you should implement this.

Which are the best companies/startups for ORM?

There are a lot of companies are doing ORM. They work with individuals and companies alike.

Is any reference material provided end of the course?

Yes We will provide soft copy

Will I have chance to run ORM practically?

Not exactly you can run, but if you have any page, you can manage

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