SMO Training in Hyderabad

A Brief about SMO

Social media optimisation is the use of social media platforms, websites and social media communities to promote a product or service. SMO is to use, with the intent to increase the traffic to website. Apart from the social media platforms, Social Media also covers the RSS Feeds, social news and bookmarking sites. Goal of SMO strategy is to create rich online content from well-written text to eye-catching photos or videos that can entice users to be the returning users, to higher volume audience.

Social media when put to its effective purpose, can improve your site’s organic search results. Corporate Employees must attain the caliber of identifying the opportunities and Learn the concepts of the Integrated Marketing. It’s also equally important for the candidate to engage the audience in right way. A Digital Marketer must have the caliber to connect all the social media platforms in a cohesive, consistently branded network directing your potential customers where you want them to navigate and parallelly giving them the information they’re looking for.


  • Caliber to execute campaigns to achieve following attributes for Brand the candidate is engaged with :
  • Increase Brand Awareness and authority
  • Gain Spark Lead Generation
  • Engage with long-term audience for more real-time interaction
  • Unbiased ratings, shares and reviews among people
  • Deliver better customer satisfaction
  • Promote content for increased website traffic

How It Works

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very useful tool to increase your chances of visibility in the online world of marketing. SMM and SEO techniques can give you better promotions and maximum reach to your targeted audience. For example- If you hold a local business, but you want to reach the people across India and increase your customers, you can take help of social media’s.
  • platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. provides a good reach to a maximum number of people. It depends on your followers too regarding the interest and sharing. If you have the significant amount of followers, you can get a good organic reach. But, if it’s not so, then also you can apply a paid criteria to build your online market.



  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Advantages Over Online Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Management Strategies
  • Network Profile Creation
  • Social Media Key Concepts
  • How Social Media is important for a business?


  • Setting Social Objectives
  • Social Strategies and Tactics for Google+
  • +1s and Sharing
  • Integration with your site
  • Promoting a Brand on Google+
  • Tools
  • URL Shortening Tools

Using Twitter

  • What is Twitter
  • Why we love it
  • Opportunity
  • Who to follow
  • How to Setup a Twitter account
  • Tips about setting up a Twitter account: Personal Bio | Profile Picture | Background Picture
  • Following and Listening
  • Building Relationship
  • Tools for managing your Tweets
  • Finding People and Companies on Twitter
  • Understanding the Twitter
  • Twitter Guidelines
  • Twitter Tools
  • Twitter Demographics
  • Reputation Management | Keyword Research | Competition Analysis
  • How to Shorten and Measure your URLs

Using Facebook

  • Setting up Facebook and Privacy
  • What Can You Do With Facebook
  • Facebook Features: Photo Album | Events | The Wall and Notes | Chat | Groups and Fan Pages
  • Facebook Benefits
  • Open Graph
  • Pages (Dos and Don’ts)
  • Measuring and Monitoring
  • Group Pages vs. Fan Pages
  • Facebook Pages – what can you do
  • How to promote your Facebook page
  • Engagement and Conversation
  • Being Found in Real Time Search
  • Creating Events
  • API Integration

Facebook Paid Marketing

  • 1. Create & Manage:
    • Business Manager, Ads Manager
    • Power Editor
    • Campaign creation
    • Ad Set & Ad creation
  • 2. Assets:
    • Audience Insights
    • Images
    • Pixels
    • Product Catalogs
  • 3. Measure & Report:
    • Ads Reporting
    • Custom Conversions
    • Delivery Insights
  • 4. Settings:
    • Ad Account settings
    • Billing & Payment Methods
    • Business Manager Settings
  • . Campaign Insights:
    • Demographics
    • Schedule,Placement,Budget
    • Reach & Results
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Tracking conversions using pixel
    • Remarketing


  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Creating the right profile and settings
  • Increasing reach and visibility
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Company Pages

Youtube Optimization

  • Online video – content is king
  • Viral films and brand
  • Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
  • Social sharing, comments and reviews
  • Getting an audience
  • Creating and managing an account
  • Using Ads inside Videos
  • Promoting YouTube Videos


  • Stumble Upon
  • Digg
  • Reditt
  • Delicious
  • Fave It
  • E-buzz
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What is the future of SMO?

  • SMO is part of digital marketing. As a SMO marketer you can't get a job. Learn SEO + SMO makes you perfect. A lot of opportunities are there for SMO,but having a whole idea about digital marketing is good.

What are the responsibilities of SMO professional?

Analyse and report which type of social media channel is suitable. Manage to create content for marketing purpose like case studies, blog posts, customer videos etc. Use SEO keywords to get more reach in the social media and at the same time to get indexable in the SERP's. Assist in link building campaigns. Monitor and evaluate social media channels. Daily make a buzz in all social media platforms. Get in touch with the customers and responded to their messages.

What is the difference between SEM and SMM?

SEM means Search Engine Marketing, we use this type of marketing for getting results instantly in the SERP pages by paying. SEM often uses PPC (Pay Per Click). When someone clicks on your ad you get charged. We can also referred as CPC (Cost Per Click)

SMM means Social Media Marketing, we use this type of marketing for increasing the visibility of your social media profiles. It helps to drive traffic to website and blog. The main reason is to create brand awareness, build community around you and helps search engines index your profiles, social acitivity more easily

Is any reference material provided end of the course?

Yes We will provide soft copy

Will I have chance to run SMO practically?

Yes, you will have chance to work on Live face book ads account, and also you can spend our money for your practice, generate analytics and understand how your campaign has worked.

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