Web Analytics Training in Hyderabad

A Brief about Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the vital aspect of any marketing campaign. Measure unlocks the caliber of various marketing techniques. whenever you execute a campaign, analytics helps us to derive the best performing marketing solutions for our business. Web analytics narrows down our feasibility to focus on marketing techniques to the core. Learn the core principles of digital analytics and Google tag manager including how to create a Google Analytics account, collect data, process the business data you need for reporting and analysis. Learn the tactics to attract new mobile users to your app. Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.Google Analytics is the industry standard for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data. Knowing how to use Google Analytics correctly will help you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue, and even activity on social media. This course shows you how to get set up in Google Analytics and glean insights from each of the reports.


  • Learn outcome focused, hands-on experience.
  • Optionally submit a three-month Google Analytics development plan for review to analyse your understanding.
  • Types of reports and analysis derivation varies for every campaign.

How It Works

Google analytics is one of the popular tool given by Google and its free. Registering your website with google analytics, it gives a javascript code which can be placed on the head section of webpages. You can implement analytics with some pages only or you can track all the pages also. If you are using the wordpress then you need to submit the UID which is provided by google only. Then everypage is tracked automatically. Google analytics gives you the sessions,users,flows,bounce rate,goals,conversations,reports etc.


Getting Started

  • Overview of Analytics
  • Signing up for Analytics
  • Installing Analytics on your site

The Main Dashboard

  • Understanding dashboard elements
  • Platform components
  • The data model

Behavior Elements

  • Understanding dashboard elements
  • Platform components
  • The data model


  • Analyzing your content statistics
  • Tracking events
  • Exit pages

Audience Elements

  • Demographics
  • New and returning users, bounce rate, and engagement
  • Technology

Filtering Data

  • What does filtering do? Why use it?
  • How to apply filters


  • What are goals?
  • Setting up goals
  • Goal parameters


  • Create a segment (including pre-made custom segments)
  • Analyzing segment data
  • Social media segments

Tracking Conversion Rates (Ecommerce)

  • What are conversion rates?
  • Tracking who sends you sales
  • Impressions vs Visits vs Real Customers
  • Secure pages

Tracking Revenue and Analytics

  • Linking Analytics and Adwords
  • ROI and PPC
  • Linking Adsense and Analytics

Building reports

  • Creating custom reports


  • Linking Webmaster Tools and Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools data
  • Comparing Webmaster Tools data and Analytics data
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What we can do with analytics?

Analytics has a great future. Different types of analytics are there like Google analytics, omniture, kissmetrics. But as a digital marketer you should know the other modules other than google analytics. You can track the visitors, number of sessions in your website, bounce rate, from where they are coming, from which channel they are coming, you can set goals, track ROI, generate reports so many...

What are the responsibilities of Analytics professional?

Implementing, Customization and Reporting. Once the website is enabled for google analytics, He needs to improvise where the bounse rate increases. He needs to check which pages are to increase the popularity. Creating the funnels knows where the customer drop offs. Creating the goals to know how many registrations or signups are completed. If the website is ecommerce, then he needs to enable the ecommerce channel. Enable the demographics, age, gender, location, browser, operating system, social media channels etc..

Can we integrate analytics with other channels?

Yes, you can integrate analytics with google adwords, google search console, google adsense, affiliate marketing and others.

Is any reference material provided end of the course?

Yes we will provide soft copy

Would Analytics be completely theoretical or practical?

It is both theoretical and practical.

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